What remains (Dance Version) (2004)



Electronic Fixed Media
Collaboration with choreographer Corrie Befort

Premiere: March 2004, Velocity Theater, Seattle.

This piece is the result of a long and fruitful collaboration with the wonderful choreographer and filmmaker Corrie Befort. Working together on all aspects of the piece, we created and evening-length show, which became titled "What Remains." It ran for two weekends at the Velocity MainSpace Theater in Seattle. Lead dancers John Dixon, Beth Graczyk and Trez McBean were backed up by an exquisite cast featuring Emily Stone, Amelia Reeber, Dorienne Gantar, Andrew Hudak, Stephen Hando, Marisha Doan, Elizabeth Cortez, Sebastian Lange, Vanessa De Wolf and Ricki Mason.

The music is from the same basic material as my electronic work "Doubt" - small samples of work from bassist Matthew Sperry, transformed into a sonic field which lends its energy to the movement.