What Remains... (2005)

Painting by Alissa Rupp

A Requiem/Concerto for Fretless Guitar and Fixed-Media Electronics

Premiere: March 2004, Brigham Young University, Provo UT.

Notable Performances:

**May 2004, Meridian Art Gallery, San Francisco CA, Meridian Composer/Performer Series.

**June 2004, Polestar Music Gallery, Seattle WA.

**April 2006, TAG Gallery, Den Haag, Netherlands.


A requiem/concerto for fretless guitar

What Remains... is dedicated to the memory Matthew Sperry - a good friend and an extraordinary musician. Matthew's recorded improvisations on contrabass were integral to this project, both as inspiration and as musical material. Short samples of his recorded work were used as generative sound slices for the piece, and were processed and re-composed to create the sonic landscape with which the fretless gutiar part interacts. I have had the opportunity to perform this work live several times, and the experience has always gives me a sense of joy and peace. I want to thank Matthew for this gift, and I hope that What Remains... appropriately expresses the deep admiration I have for his work. Thank you Matthew. We all miss you very much.