Traces: Nellie (2012)

Painting by Alissa Rupp



Violin, Cello, Electronics

Premiere: November 2013, PONCHO Hall, Cornish College of the Arts



Traces:Nellie is the first in a series of works for amplified, acoustic instruments with live-electronics and/or fixed-media-electronics. The pieces in the "Traces" series are created by making relationships in spaces (with and without musical events) and with performers and instruments. Through electronic means, both the acoustic instrument and the sounds of the space are transformed by an emphasis on sonic layers that are barely or not audible; capturing and processing them brings them forward and and honors the essence of the space and the instrument.

In Traces:Nellie, the electronic sounds were created by making field recordings in historic PONCHO hall. These recordings were of noises occurring the space when empty, and with performers. These sounds were filtered so that in- or barely-audible frequencies were accentuated. The fixed-media soundtrack is accompanied by amplified violin and cello, each part is to play extended techniques as quietly as possible, while those sounds are amplified in the room. Together, these processes create a sonic landscape that is both new and old, living and dead, audible and inaudible.