MCBT (2007)
(From Mike To Chris Through Ben to tom)

Painting by Alissa Rupp

Musique Concrète

Instigated by Mike Min

Released in 2007 as part of "The Bike Bin Project" (link).

MCBT was written as a response to a prompt from composer Mike Min. Mike was working on a new piece, and recorded a self-commentary about that piece, which he sent to the composer Chris DeLaurenti. Chris processed and mangled the commentary into a new piece. Mike sent that piece to composer Ben Hogue, who did more processing and mangling. The resulting piece was sent to several Seattle composers, who were asked to respond to it with a new work. There are two versions of the finished piece, one which includes the original track simultaneously with the MCBT. 

All the works were meant to be site-specific, and each composer was asked to pick a time and location for the audience to listen to their work. This piece is meant to be listened to at the St. Ignatius Chapel at Seattle University at dusk.