Fifteen moments from the time of rivers (2015)



Bass Flute, Bass Clarinet, Contrabass, and Percussion

Commissioned by: Paul Taub

Premiere: November 2015, Chapel Performance Space, Seattle WA, Paul Taub, bass flute; Laurie DeLuca, bass clarinet; Joe Kaufman, bass; Matt Kocmieroski, vibes and percussion


PURCHASE SCORE (publication pending)

The Time of Rivers is a long cycle of works that are for various instrumentations and ensembles. Each of these works contain a number of "moments" which I have tried to transcribe in notebooks during my frequent hikes in rivers across the Northwest as a flyfisher. This piece was commissioned by my colleague, the virtuoso flute player Paul Taub, for an amazing ensemble of performers in Seattle. The 15 Moments assembled here are meant to be performed in any order.