DOUBT... (2003)

Painting by Alissa Rupp

Painting by Alissa Rupp

Computer-Realized, Fixed Media 

Commissioned by: Ann Cummings

Premiere: January 2006, Sandpoint Performance Space, Seattle WA, Public Art Installation.

Notable Performance: 

**March, 2014, SEAMUS Festival, Wesleyan University, Middletown CT.

**May, 2017, College Music Society PNW Conference, Vancouver, BC, Canada.


Doubt... is dedicated to the memory of M – a good friend and an extraordinary musician. M’s recorded improvisations on contrabass were integral to this project, both as inspiration and as musical material. Short samples were used as generative sound slices for the piece; processed and re-composed to create the sonic landscape using MAX/MSP, AudioMulch, and Reaper. All of the processing is temporal, creating a kind of time-machine of this great musician's work. I hope that Doubt... appropriately expresses the deep admiration I have for his work.