DOUBT (2003)

Painting by Alissa Rupp

Painting by Alissa Rupp

Computer-Realized, Fixed Media 

Commissioned by: Ann Cummings

Premiere: January 2006, Sandpoint Performance Space, Seattle WA, Public Art Installation.

Notable Performance: 

**March, 2014, SEAMUS Festival, Wesleyan University, Middletown CT.

**May, 2017, College Music Society PNW Conference, Vancouver, BC, Canada.

Doubt was written to be part of an art installation by visual artist Ann Cummings, and afterwards morphed into a stand-alone electronic piece. All of the sound material comes from a record by the great Matthew Sperry, a bass player and improviser based in Seattle/San Francisco. Matthew passed away in 2003, and this work is a elegy based on small slices of his original recording, recomposed and processed to create a new sonic landscape. The piece also exists as music for dance and a requiem/concerto for fretless guitar.