Cymbalism (2005)



Percussion Duo (suspended cymbals, gong, and triangle)

Commissioned by: Ensemble TWO

Premiere: September 2005, University or Maryland, Baltimore MD, Ensemble TWO: Dale Speicher and Chris Leonard. 

Notable Performance: November 2006, Percussive Arts Society International, Conference, Showcase Concert, Austin Convention Center, Austin TX, Ensemble TWO.



This piece was written for Dale Speicher and Chris Leonard (Ensemble TWO). The original concept was to write a portable percussions piece (all percussion instruments had to fit in the trunk of a car). Cymbalism explores the many timbres of cymbals, a gong, and a triangle. The piece moves from very little resonance to maximum resonance as it proceeds. In the beginning of the piece, there is a bit of choreography, as each player is both striking cymbals, and at the same time muting cymbals that the the player is striking.