Aries (2002)

Live Recording, The Esoterics, 2002



Mixed Chorus

Commissioned by: The Esoterics

Premiere: December 2000, Town Hall, Seattle by The Esoterics, Eric Banks, conductor.



This work was commissioned by Eric Banks and The Esoterics, as part of their Zodiac series. Eric chose composers whose birthdays were in the month of their supplied text.

Namque, ubi se summis Aries extollet ab undis
et cervice prior flexa quam cornibus ibit,
non contenta suo generabit pectora censu
et dabit in praedas animos solvetque pudorem: tantum audere iuvat. Sic ipse in cornua fertur ut ruat aut vincat.

Non illos sedibus isdem mollia per placidas delectant otia curas, sed iuvat ignotas semper transire per urbes
scrutarique novum pelagus totius et esse orbis in hospitio.

Indeed, when the Ram emerges from the top of the waves
and the curve of his neck is seen before his horns,
he will bring forth hearts that are never satisfied with what they have,
and bestow minds bent on gain without any sense of modesty: so great is his pleasure to venture.
In such a manner, he dashes forth with lowered horns, prepared for either ruin or victory.

Such hearts are not charmed by the gentle leisure of a stable place with only quiet concerns, but always find delight in traveling to unknown cities, exploring new seas, and enjoying the hospitality of the entire world.

The Latin text of this cycle is from the Astronomica of the 1st Century BC poet Marcus Manilius, Adapted and translated by Eric Banks.